Hey everyone! Welcome to the official website of SCARMASTERFLEX! By day, you might know that I tutor students but I also am prepping to give you guys the best possible experience, day in and day out, as a content creator. And by being actively involved in Twitch, the esports community in Toronto and to my online communities, I do my absolute best to be part to be there for you not only as a streamer, but as a human being. I know that the stressors of life and society are really pressuring at times, and sometimes all we need to do is release that stress. What better way to do that then to engage your attention into my content? I promise that I will make you laugh in some way, or in some form. I like to think at times I am a funny moron, if that makes any sense, but my objective is to make you feel good, make you smile and make you want to enjoy life for what it is. So, what are you waiting for?! LET’S DO THIS!




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SCARMASTERFLEX, known in real life as Fabio Giorno, hails from Toronto, Ontario. Originally, growing up in Oakville, he was actively playing video games on his SNES at the tender age of 3 years old. He would sit there and literally outmatch his mom, brothers and other viewers at games like Tetris, Bomberman and Mario Kart.